Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a death sentence. You do not have to suffer in silence. Join our reversal program today and regain your life.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

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Less than a few decades back, type 2 diabetes was a really bad thing to have. It resulted in health problems, weight gain, reduced lifespan and a whole bunch of other problems. Today, this has largely become a problem of the past. With award winning, science backed research methods, Diaverza has made type 2 diabetes reversal programs available to everybody!

Now, get access to one of the best natural ways to heal diabetes with our type 2 diabetes reversal meal plans. A 12-week long reversal program takes you through a comprehensive education with our tools and resources, educating you on a natural treatment for diabetics. With our friendly, reliable support, and vibrant community, you are never alone on your journey to diabetes reversal.


The Best Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Comprehensive Resource Library

We have an extensive library full of recipes for different metabolisms, and expert Q&A to help you develop the perfect reversing diabetes diet plan

Tracking and Monitoring

Tools to track and monitor your fasting and blood glucose levels, along with blood pressure, cholesterol, and other symptoms that give you insight into your diabetes

Bespoke, Individual Diabetes Care

Our 12 week program is designed to accommodate your needs, and is tailored to your individual preferences, lifestyle and goals.

Natural Healing

Our reversing diabetes diet plan addresses the root cause of diabetes through natural methods, eliminating the need for surgery or medication.


Peek into the science of why our type 2 diabetes reversal diet plans work, and get an in-depth look into your body, its metabolism, and your exercise.


It’s easier when you are together! Get the latest tips, tricks, and kudos from our vibrant community, with users across the world!

The Diaverza Program

The Diaverza program is a completely natural treatment that is designed to prevent diabetes in pre-diabetics, and reverse type 2 diabetes

Most of our patients are able to achieve weight loss, achieve normal blood glucose, and a reduction in medication after only a few weeks.

Get started with reversing your type 2 diabetes today!


The Effects of our Diet Plans


Lowered HBA1c

A reduction of 1.5% on average after 6 months, and improved blood glucose control


Decreased Medications

Over 95% of users either reduced or eliminated their dependency on medication


Diabetes Reversal

Over 60% of patients find their diabetes reversed in 3-6 months after following our approach


Weight Loss

A 7.5 kg weight loss on average, over 6-12 months


Increased Energy

Over 98% of our patients had stabilised blood glucose levels, being energetic throughout the day


Improved metabolic syndrome

Over 95% improvement in symptoms like inflammation, levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, etc


Miles Kennedy

I used Diaverza over a period of 6 months to help me stabilise my type 2 diabetes. Not only did their program help me reverse it, but I feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic than ever!

Dmitri Turgenev

I used a diet plan to reverse type 2 diabetes, to help me manage my condition. I was initially sceptical, but I have to say that my health improved considerably over the following months.

Alex Turner

I had lost faith after the first few diabetes reversal programs I tried didn’t work very well. Diaverza’s plan worked, surprising both me and my family with the changes we noticed in my health, both physical and mental.

Olivia Jones

I had no idea that it could be this simple to get started with reversing my type 2 diabetes with a diet plan. While the discipline part of it was difficult, I’m proud of myself for having reversed my diabetes within an year.

Find out what makes Diaverza the number 1 choice for healing
type 2 diabetes naturally the world over

Bespoke Service

Our service is individually personalised for our customers, with unique type 2 diabetes reversal diet plans

Friendly & Reliable Support

If things aren’t absolutely perfect, our support team is right here to help you

Effortless Programs

Our educational type 2 diabetes reversal program is so easy to follow!

Foundational Treatment

We treat the root cause of diabetes, using diet and nutrition to address insulin resistance without the need for medication

Diaverza is the best natural way to heal diabetes, effectively and sustainably